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Control Yoke Universal Joints for Cessna & Piper

31 May 2021 News
Let us introduce McFarlane's new products: control yoke universal joints for Cessna & Piper aircrafts. McFarlane ones again keeps the promise "The Best for Less".

WAT Orion 650 series: new design & improved performance!

30 April 2021 News
The Orion 650 series products incorporate RED or GREEN Forward Position Lights as well as the WHITE flashing Anti-Collision Light function.

Mid-Continent's Custom Function Display catapults your panel into the furture.

31 March 2021 News
A first-of-its-kind custom display, controller and data converter. All-in-one. After three years of development, Mid-ContinentInstruments and Avionics launched the Flex Series...

We lubricate your aircraft: Oils

31 March 2021 News
It is not a secret that preventive maintenance is the key to keep an aircraft safe and airworthy while also reducing operating and replacement costs. Choosing suitable oil and right oil maintenance are absolute musts for prevention.

The smart solution for your excess stock.

22 March 2021 News
Excess stock management is a pretty costly business. aps gladly takes over all of this for its customers.

Get a new one to the price of repaired!

21 March 2021 News
Every pilots dream: a better product for reduced costs. Now McFarlane has two new products, you need to know about

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