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Mid-Continent's Custom Function Display catapults your panel into the furture.

31 March 2021 News
What's your panel missing?
A first-of-its-kind custom display, controller and data converter. All-in-one. After three years of development, Mid-ContinentInstruments and Avionics launched the Flex Series and they did a fantastic job. The result is a 2-inch, digital panel-mounted instrument with a custom display, controller and data converter, all in one. The FLEX MD23 has been designed to be able to receive, modify and display a variety of incoming data with customizable graphics and outputs without the need for additional certification. Mid-Continent engineers wanted the product to fit in tight panel spaces to complement an aircraft’s primary avionics suite and allow customization with minimal certification burden.
Flex is a two-part product. The base hardware and software are fixed, while the configuration and digital display are flexible. If you would like the instrument to perform one function or a combination of functions, is entirely up to you. It features a daylight readable LCD display with a push-and-turn control knob. The product comes in two hardware platforms, one with pitot-static inputs and one without. The Flex MD23 offers a replacement for legacy units, including:
  • pitot-static applications, such as airspeed, altimeter, vertical speed and cabin pressure;
  • tachometer, controllers, such as autopilot, auto-throttle, radar altimeter and user input functions;
  • annunciator-indicator, such as battery status, engine parameters;
  • data conversion and other functions.


  • Customizable configuration (inputs/outputs), user interface and graphics
  • Receives and displays ARINC 429, analog, discrete, frequency, temperature, absolute and differential pressure data
  • Standard size
  • Lightweight — less than 0,2 kg
  • Simple user interface — Push-and-turn control knob
  • Daylight readable LCD and high-definition graphics
  • External lighting control and built-in photocell for automatic dimming
  • Field-upgradeable software via standard USB-A port
  • TSO-certified hardware and software (Design Assurance Level A)
  • High Quality design from the US

Brett Williams, Vice President of Engineering introduces FLEX MD23. 
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