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22 March 2021 News
Excess stock management is a pretty costly business. If you hold excessive levels of inventory it ties up capital that could be invested in other areas, such as business development or marketing. The cost of the inventory isn't recouped until it's sold, and the longer this takes, the longer working capital remains unavailable.
Storage of surplus parts means space, utilities and maintenance of the storage area. Storing items for longer than anticipated requires control system and personnel capacity for both inventory and marketing purposes.
aps gladly takes over all of this for its customers. Excess stocks are stored, insured, marketed, as well as sold and shipped. This way, you can benefit from our network as we list your items in the leading online spare parts platforms. These sites could be great avenues to help you liquidate your excess or obsolate stock profitably.
We also do a brisk trade in spare parts from insolvency stocks and model changes. In this way, as a customer, you save valuable resources and can focus on your core business.
your extra benefits from aps.
Storage, marketing and sale of surplus spare parts
Storage of insolvency stocks
Efficient and constant excess inventory management with modern software solution
Experienced and professional sales and logistics personnel
Marketing of excess inventories in leading online spare parts platforms
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